Racing, Racing, Everywhere!

With several hundred indoor kart racing tracks in the US at the moment, the sport (and family entertainment) is really exploding… especially for those of us who live in a climate where winter isn’t 75 and sunny (looking at you San Diego).

For the rest of us, we need a fun place to go during those -20 degree windchill days for the kids to blow off some steam and the family to have a little fun.  It seems most major cities now have at least one indoor kart racing track where kids of all ages can try their hand at racing.  I know we’ve taken our 3 year old and he just loves flying around the track with me even though he can barely see what’s going on.  🙂

The best places (IMO) are those where the tracks are surrounded with an arcade of sorts and it’s a family friendly environment.  These may not be suited for the most hardcore racing people, but they do provide exposure to the sport for the masses… with a percentage moving to more serious racing as they grow in the sport.  The key is exposure first and foremost and these family raceways provide that.