Dirt Track Racing

Dirt track racing is the most common types of car racing in the US. It is usually done on oval tracks. There are even local and regional racetracks located in the country, approximately around 1,500 racetracks so to speak. By the figure alone, it can be said that it has grown to much popularity and thus many are joining this type of car racing…. like cab service racing! It is always a must to wear the best and good quality dirt track racing gear. This is so to protect yourself from any injury that might occur during the race.

We dive into the important gear for more traditional dirt racing below, but first it must be mentioned that one of the more exhilarating races is a tractor trailer pull. It’s a sight to see these huge tractors with their massive semi tires pulling an extremely heavy load down a dirt track. ┬áThe roar of the engine and smell of diesel fuel is not something you forget…. but I digress.

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NASCAR – A Little Bit of History

NASCAR is a great entertainment venue that you will love right away. If you are a racing car fan, you will love NASCAR right away. We are going to talk a little bit about the history of this sporting event. We will also touch a little bit the global expansion and other aspects of NASCAR here.
A Little Bit of History
NASCAR got its start in 1948. The first NASCAR race was held in the beautiful city of Daytona (also a great city for a wedding dj). Red Byron made history that year by winning the racing event with his Ford. Big Bill was appointed as the leader one month later. As you can see, the history of this sporting event is truly colorful. The history of NASCAR is as old as the time when runners just souped up their machines to outrun the law, racing around the hills and tree trimming with their speed. Runners loved outsmarting the law whenever they could, and they became famous for doing just that.
Big Bill became also famous for doing those races on a regular basis. Big Bill organized racing events in Daytona, and people loved it in the 1940s. On 1947, there were some standard rules established for the purpose of organizing these races in America. NASCAR also has its share of amazing faces and unforgettable finishes as well. Lee Petty was the winner of the first Daytona 500 race in 1959. The new generation of NASCAR took place when Petty retired in 1992. New racers like Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. made news by winning a lot of races in NASCAR in those these.

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